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foods to lose weight fast

5 foods to lose weight

Before testing the miracle diets or starving yourself, know these weight loss foods that help you burn fat effectively if combined with 35 minutes of physical activity. Here I present a list of five foods to lose weight that are fat burners to help you have a better body.

1. Fruits (foods to lose weight)
Its components help the body generate energy with fewer calories without going hungry. They are recommended in all but basic meals for breakfast and an excellent choice as an appetizer or snack.

Prefers: apple, orange, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes. Avoid mango and banana because they are very high in sugar.
Prepare: Salads, milkshakes or smoothies to fill you with energy.

2. Red and white meats (foods to lose weight)

The fat free meat is rich in protein and basic to eat a balanced diet.

Prefers: White meat: turkey or chicken. Avoid very fatty meat.
Prepare: Cymbals roasted, marinated, baked, or boiled. Avoid fried, breaded capeados and because they are high in fat.

3. Fish (food for weight loss)

An easily digestible food with high amounts of Vitamin A and D (to improve vision and absorb protein). Provide enough energy for the body.

Prefers: Blue fish like salmon and tuna rich in Omega 3 to protect your cardiovascular health.
Prepare any quantity of delicious dishes. They are easy to prepare and combine.

4. Whole grains and legumes (foods to lose weight)

Legumes are the foods that provide energy to the body and therefore you consume more calories. They are also easy to prepare. Whole grains are the seeds that contain all three parts of the original seed: bran, germ and endosperm; such as wheat, oats, barley, rye and 

Prefers: Lentils, beans and brown rice.
Prepare: Cymbals balanced with more vegetables or other protein, so you do not saturate your carbohydrate diet.

5. Vegetables (foods to lose weight)

Mixed or single, vegetables are rich in fiber which facilitate proper digestion.
Prefers: Green vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, nopales, and so on.
Prepare: varied salads or vegetables with chilli and lemon as excellent healthy snack.
Combine these foods with your program of cardiovascular and strength training to start seeing results within the first week.

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You can eat light without the menu is incompatible with a good taste for food. The dinners usually are lighter than midday meals. But sometimes, laziness, tiredness or lack of foresight, to sandwiches, pizzas or ready meals as a way to resolve this last meal of the day is used.

In some cases, you may be interested in breaking down the dinner menu and concentrate protein foods without carbohydrates. This formula is suggested to promote weight loss, although it is not effective for everyone, as each has needs and a certain food restrictions. Therefore, to be well planned, you may need the advice of a dietitian.

The following are five proposals for light, simple and very rich dinner:

1.  Light snack on version.
The Mexican burritos or kebab are equivalent to traditional sandwich, only the mass, being thinner, is lighter than the loaf. Of course, due to the ingredients, which is intended as a light dinner can turn into an unexpected amount of calories if exceeded in sauces, condiments or fatty foods. This new version can be filled sandwiches of lean ground beef, strips of grilled chicken, shredded bonito or tuna with tofu tacos. Any of these options can be mixed with abundant raw vegetables -rehogados with minimal oil, pistons type or with grilled vegetables, as in aubergine.

2.  Salads rice or pasta.

A contribution of energy as carbohydrates at dinner may be necessary, well digested and metabolized very well to compensate the energy cost of the day. Opting for whole grains has two grounds:

Have higher nutrient density, so they are more interesting for health foods.
Provide fiber, which assists in accelerating satiety.
The combination with a handful of well-digested vegetables and dinner is more complete in nutrition, as noted recipes rice salad with peas or chickpeas. Very refreshing proposals are rice salad with pineapple (if one ignores the pink sauce) and pasta with vinaigrette. More compelling are the salad with avocado and prawns rice or pasta with chicken.

3.  Fresh fish three times a week.

A light fish dish at dinner guarantees a supply of high quality protein and fat if only smooth kitchen, which allows proper digestion and promises a good sleep. Accompanying with small salads, sautéed vegetables, sauteed or roasted gives the expected result: a rich, light dinner. You can take advantage of the good summer afternoon temperature to maximize performance on the grill with fresh seasonal fish such as sardines, anchovies or pretty. A culinary trick to accentuate the flavor of cooked fish that's embadurnarlos with a marinade of garlic, olive oil, an acid (white wine, vinegar, lemon juice, grapefruit juice or orange), parsley, salt and a touch pinch of paprika or pepper or other spices and herbs to taste.

4.  light and amazing with seafood dishes.

Seafood is a type of highly perishable food, which requires extremely careful handling and hygiene both conservation and prior preparation and cooking. Dinners summer based on a good portion of fresh steamed mussels, clams in green sauce, shrimp with fried garlic and lemon or prawns are proposals that are attuned to a healthy and balanced diet. The octopus vinaigrette or traditional Galician style round light a small list of seafood recipes.

5. creams or cold soups.

They are a light and refreshing recess also fills the stomach and helps to eat more after abates. The possibilities the brand's culinary imagination of cooking and tastes and preferences. The vegetables are the basis for preparing creams or soups with various health claims: diuretic, such as celery and apple or cucumber; or antioxidants such as beet or tomato soup. These traditional gazpacho recipe and its many variants adds: lettuce, melon, watermelon, cherry ...

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